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By: Pooja J

Kim and Rob were recommended to us by a couple of friends. And we could not have found better realtors to work with. They are wonderful people and such a pleasure to work with. They made the process of house hunting a fantastic experience for us and we highly recommend them! We bought a house and sold a house with them. They are professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and patient. They provided us with excellent advice through the processes of buying and selling. They also provide great recommendations for mortgage brokers, lawyers, contractors (for renos), home inspectors, making the process of buying or selling as easy and stress-free as possible. We highly recommend them! They are the best!

By: Terry Wason

We bought our house with the help of Rob and Kim and I can honestly say that if it weren't for them we would not have been able to find our dream home. They worked with us for nearly 18 months, during which we saw dozens of houses, and they have been very patient throughout. You can trust them to give their very honest opinion about the property, backed by a detailed analysis of the real value of the property. I have recommended them to two friends already and would strongly recommend their name to anyone who is looking for a realtor to either purchase or sell their property.

By: Luminita E.

Kim and Robert have been absolutely fantastic during all the process (and even after) of house hunting. From the beginning to the end, there were all the time there for us, offering advice, coming on short notices (sometimes) to visit the houses with us. This is our first time as a family buying the house, and still being quite new to the Calgary market, we didn't have a clue of what to look for at the beginning in terms of materials quality, locations, and the pro and cons of it. Each time they offered us explanations about what to look for, so I felt we were prepared when we found our dream house. It has been a quick and efficient search and we all end up being so happy with our new home. I can't thank them enough. I don't usually write reviews, but Kim and Robert have have earned and deserve it fully! I can't wait to have them visit us and spend some great time enjoying our home together. Thank you, Kim and Robert!!! You are really amazing.

By: Autumn M.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Robert and Kimberly. They have infinite patience while we looked at many many properties over a long time span and are completely honest, down to earth and always put their clients needs first. Very knowledgeable and make what can be a complicated process actually enjoyable. We just purchased a property this month with them and will definitely use them for all of our future real estate needs. Highly recommend them if you need a realtor!

By: Simon H.

You won't find a better pair of realtors than Rob & Kim - their patience, communication and no-nonsense approach to real estate is second to none. Having worked with a number of realtors over the years, this is the first time we have been 100% satisfied with the end results, and plan to continue using their services for all of our property needs going forward. To top it all off, they are very nice & awesome people - cheers Rob & Kim!

By: James L.

I have bought and sold many houses over the years, and I can say without hesitation that Rob and Kim are simply the best realtors I have ever dealt with. They were professional, interested and involved for the whole process, and fun to deal with. What impressed me the most is how focused they were on making sure that the outcome was the best that it could be for me. They really went the extra mile, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Robert Jansons is a rare breed of realtor! Highly knowledgeable, totally committed to his clients, extremely professional with a sense of humour that ensures you of a less stressful, more enjoyable real estate journey. Robert has represented myself and my husband with the sale of two properties and the purchase of three. He has also represented our daughter and her family with the sale of two homes and the purchase of three. Robert has also represented our single son with the sale of his home in Cochrane. Robert Jansons takes the time to truly get to know his clients which in turn leads to a more productive, enjoyable experience.


Dear Robert, Thank you for helping me find my ideal investment property! I really appreciate the time you took to help me define my vision and parameters over many javas long before we hit the streets. With my personalized vision in mind, we “bracketed the market” by looking high and low, far and wide... In the process, you allowed me space to redefine my goals, seek clarity or walk-away from any deal at anytime for any reason. What is unique about your approach as a skilled real estate specialist is that you proceed like an investigator- you start at the beginning and build a case for a particular property, presenting your professional judgment only after the back ground work is done, yet in quick order. The properties were analyzed for historical comparisons, onsite specifications and local, national and global housing activity (economy). You made inquiries with the selling agent, city of Calgary and licensed trades as necessary. You also provided current evidence and sourced the information. Once the analysis was complete, I was most interested in your spitey sense, which you shared generously. I trusted that you had my best interests in mind as the solution fell to “let’s pass” 99% of the time until I fell on “the one”. Thank you for accommodating your client’s full-schedules and booking lunch hour viewings… Thanks for fighting hard for a fair compromise and not leaving any more money than necessary on the table during the negotiation. I nicknamed you ‘the boxer’: persistent, skillful, straight shooter. Thank you for sticking around and providing some guidance through the ongoing nuances after the purchase and after your work was done. The best way I can thank you is to share your contact and your talent with others and if I am lucky enough, to do it all over again. All the best!


We came to Canada from the Middle East and were a little nervous about the whole process, but Robert had helped my brother find two homes, so there was no doubt in our minds that we would work with him. He was fabulous! He paid close attention to our requirements and our budget. He didn't show us anything we'd get our heart settled on and couldn't have. I'm the kind of person who really knows what I want and Robert found us our home pretty quickly. I'm also an incredibly anxious person and Robert always knew how to calm my nerves through all aspects of the process. Robert was knowledgeable, resourceful and always available to answer any questions in words we could understand. He really went above and beyond and we definitely would not hesitate to use his services again and recommend him to others.


Since 2012, we have engaged Rob Jansons to sell two and purchase two family homes. During each of those processes, Rob was highly professional, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Rob took the time to listen to our desires for each of our new homes, while providing guidance on how to maximize the value of our existing homes. Through his understanding of the local market, and marketing techniques, Rob was able to sell each home for at least listed value. This local market knowledge combined with his negotiating strategy also netted us being able to buy two homes for below listed value! I whole heartedly have and continue to encourage my friends and family to work with Rob (and Jackson)!


I have both purchased and sold homes with Robert, he has always given sound advice on the market and sale of my home during the negotiations. One of the thing I appreciate most about Robert is that he never pressures one way or the other but just continue to give advice and share a bigger perspective of the pros and Cons of selling or buying a house. He goes out of his way to accommodate and is very personable and quick on requests. I highly recommend Robert as you will not be disappointed. Thanks Robert


My husband and I have known Robert for 6 years and throughout this time, he as represented us with the sale and purchase of two homes. As first time homebuyers, we did not know much about selling or purchasing a home, however Rob was extremely knowledgeable and patient with us. We must have looked at least 30 homes before we purchased our first, and through out the whole process, Rob was patient, transparent and truly told us what he thought. He really took the time to get to know us, our children and even our dogs!! His wonderful sense of humour, extensive knowledge and commitment to finding us the perfect family home made for a truly enjoyable experience. It has been over two years since the purchase of our home and we continue to keep in touch with him!


Over the past year, I had the pleasure of working with Rob for the second time. While on the hunt for my first condo, Rob had been recommended to me by a friend who raved about how knowledgeable and friendly her experience had been. Going into my first purchase, I was nervous that my realtor might rush me, or push me into buying something I didn’t necessarily want. But our first meeting was nothing like that. Rob ran through all the details with me, simplifying the process and clearing the way to what would be a great relationship. Since then, Rob and his dog Jackson have shown us around countless houses, never once rushing us our pressuring us into putting in an offer. Our second purchase was a drawn out process, with the search stretching out over more than a year. Rob’s patience and continued enthusiasm for ensuring we found a place that checked all our boxes is what ultimately led us to securing our perfect home, and all without any stress! When friends and family are looking for a new home, we happily tell them we know just the right guy!


Buying and selling a home can be a stressful and emotional experience, even when you’re looking forward to the process. Rob and his sidekick Jackson helped us navigate a major life change with courtesy, professionalism and humour. Rob was available to us 24/7 for any question, no matter how trivial. He gave us great advice on all aspect of the sale such as pricing, when to put it on the market, staging and more. We are so happy with the process and would be happy to recommend Rob and his team to anyone who is thinking of buying or selling a property.


My husband David and I were in the market for a property seven years ago. Quite coincidentally we ran into Robert at an open house in the community which we now proudly call our home. Boy are we ever glad we met Robert because since that time he has assisted us with a few other real estate transactions. I can describe Robert as honest, reliable, patient, knowledgeable and very kind. He has never pressured us into taking any decisions, instead he has always guided and advised with our best interests at heart. We trust Robert so much that we have also introduced him to friends and family who in turn have also done business with him. The feedback is always the same : "We love Robert, thank you for introducing us to him!" I couldn't be more grateful for such a genuine real estate agent and individual. I have no hesitation of recommending Robert for any real estate needs be it a home to call your own, an investment property, a retirement property etc.


Robert was the best thing that happened to my family.From the first call I made to talk about buying our first home and later our second, Robert has always been amazing. He is very professional, friendly and approachable - (I can vouch for that as I have bothered him with a million questions in unnecessary panic mode and he always answered back with smile and assurance that I had nothing to worry about). Robert is just great at what he does. He not only took the time to really understand what we wanted in new home but in the end be bought a house that was better than what we had imagined. Robert is also a one shop stop, he gave us contacts for the lawyer to the home inspector and we have nothing but good things to say about all of them. Robert makes sure the people help his people are also the best in business. Since our 2 purchases Robert has also helped my sister in law and her family find their perfect home. Its fair to say Robert is now part of our family and with his passion and expertise he has helped make Calgary our home. I am very grateful for everything he has helped my family with. I would strongly recommend Robert's services and can personally guarantee you will not be disappointed. Wishing him much success.


When our kids left for university, our house in the NW felt too big and we wanted a smaller place and an inner-city lifestyle. Rob showed us so many places and after seeing 11 properties in one day we were a bit overwhelmed. He was absolutely amazing at breaking the various properties down by their relative advantages (and disadvantages). He highlighted elements of each property that I don’t think we would have appreciated without his professional insight. However, it was post-purchase that he really amazed us. He navigated and stick-handled all of the closing hassles and managed to make everything stress-free.


Having Robert as my Realtor- for the past 8 years- I have found that I can truly rely on his experience and guidance in the many real estate venture I have taken on. The service, reliability and attention to detail that he puts forth- has me constantly reaching out to him and advocating for him as well. In the past 8 years- working in the Interior design industry I have found myself constantly referring Robert to friends, and collegues...as his level of service is second to none. The relational aspect of service that he provides, truly sets him apart and highlights his genuine love of the industry and passion for people. There are many options out there today- however the transparency, consistency, and genuine integrity we have experienced through Robert- truly provides an exceptional purchase experience. If you are considering a change- I highly suggest you give Robert a call.


I recently worked with Robert on the purchase of my first property. Going into the process I was nervous and hesitant, once meeting with Rob all of this hesitation went away, he was honest and told me everything I needed to hear. Every day we worked together I felt safe in the decision I was making and knew I was working with people that had my best interest at heart. They were there step by step with me, answering all questions (big or small) right away and never made me feel like I was in this process alone. Robert taught me so much about home-buying, found me the perfect place and really guided me through one of the biggest decisions I have made in my life this far. I could not be any happier with my decision to work with Rob and will absolutely be working with him in the future.


At a time when sales were slow, your perseverance paid off. Although realtors say that all action is on the Internet, your open houses were the key. Your advice was "on the mark".

By: Roxan S.

I would like to commend Robert for helping my family with our real estate questions and purchases over the years. I would recommend him and his team in a heart beat. Salt of the Earth: quality, honesty and integrity. Thank you!