Robert was the best thing that happened to my family.From the first call I made to talk about buying our first home and later our second, Robert has always been amazing. He is very professional, friendly and approachable - (I can vouch for that as I have bothered him with a million questions in unnecessary panic mode and he always answered back with smile and assurance that I had nothing to worry about). Robert is just great at what he does. He not only took the time to really understand what we wanted in new home but in the end be bought a house that was better than what we had imagined. Robert is also a one shop stop, he gave us contacts for the lawyer to the home inspector and we have nothing but good things to say about all of them. Robert makes sure the people help his people are also the best in business. Since our 2 purchases Robert has also helped my sister in law and her family find their perfect home. Its fair to say Robert is now part of our family and with his passion and expertise he has helped make Calgary our home. I am very grateful for everything he has helped my family with. I would strongly recommend Robert's services and can personally guarantee you will not be disappointed. Wishing him much success. - STEFFIE AND ERIC, MULTIPLE TIMES BUYER

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Buying and selling a home can be a stressful and emotional experience, even when you’re looking forward to the process. Rob and his sidekick Jackson helped us navigate a major life change with courtesy, professionalism and humour. Rob was available to us 24/7 for any question, no matter how trivial. He gave us great advice on all aspect of the sale such as pricing, when to put it on the market, staging and more. We are so happy with the process and would be happy to recommend Rob and his team to anyone who is thinking of buying or selling a property. - TRACY AND MALCOLM, BUYER AND SELLER

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Dear Robert, Thank you for helping me find my ideal investment property! I really appreciate the time you took to help me define my vision and parameters over many javas long before we hit the streets. With my personalized vision in mind, we “bracketed the market” by looking high and low, far and wide... In the process, you allowed me space to redefine my goals, seek clarity or walk-away from any deal at anytime for any reason. What is unique about your approach as a skilled real estate specialist is that you proceed like an investigator- you start at the beginning and build a case for a particular property, presenting your professional judgment only after the back ground work is done, yet in quick order. The properties were analyzed for historical comparisons, onsite specifications and local, national and global housing activity (economy). You made inquiries with the selling agent, city of Calgary and licensed trades as necessary. You also provided current evidence and sourced the information. Once the analysis was complete, I was most interested in your spitey sense, which you shared generously. I trusted that you had my best interests in mind as the solution fell to “let’s pass” 99% of the time until I fell on “the one”. Thank you for accommodating your client’s full-schedules and booking lunch hour viewings… Thanks for fighting hard for a fair compromise and not leaving any more money than necessary on the table during the negotiation. I nicknamed you ‘the boxer’: persistent, skillful, straight shooter. Thank you for sticking around and providing some guidance through the ongoing nuances after the purchase and after your work was done. The best way I can thank you is to share your contact and your talent with others and if I am lucky enough, to do it all over again. All the best! - MICHELLE, MULTIPLE TIMES BUYER

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At a time when sales were slow, your perseverance paid off. Although realtors say that all action is on the Internet, your open houses were the key. Your advice was "on the mark". - GLORIA AND BOB, SELLER

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