By: Kimberly Tunney

Drone Videos Captures Unique Real Estate Views

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  The unique characteristics of certain properties defy description alone by mere words and still photography. These special listings deserve the full 360 degree attention that drone media delivers. Fortunately, for buyers and sellers, saavy real estate agents are taking advantage of the new technology resources necessary to shine a creative spotl...Read More

By: Robert Jansons

Adding Value to your House

Tags: Increasing House Value, Big and Small Home Improvement Ideas, Real Estate 

What can I do to ADD VALUE to my house?   If you are like Donald Trump, you may think that simply adding more photos of yourself to the walls around your home will inherently increase its value. Let’s get real, and see what we can do to help you get more out of your house with some changes! Maybe you want to add value to your house because you are thinking of selling or maybe you just w...Read More

By: Robert Jansons

The Globe and Mail Features Sold Listing

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My favourite newspaper, The Globe and Mail featured an article on one of my recent listings. The seller recieved an offer in TWO days and sold at just under 5% of list price. CHECK OUT what plans the buyer has for both the property and the house… HERE       ...Read More

By: Robert Jansons

Reno Prep

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Renovating can be FUN! (so could a root canal under the right circumstances….)   Hmmmmm, now you’ve decided that the almond coloured appliances you have are clashing with the lime green counters and terra cotta flooring in your kitchen. Or maybe you are wondering what to do with the $100,000 you have saved in quarters that’s in the swear jar. I know, how about a renovation?...Read More

By: Robert Jansons


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By: Robert Jansons

5 Top Tips for First-time Buyers

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Avoid these FIRST-TIME BUYER mistakes! So, you’ve got your big girl/boy pants on and are ready to buy your first place (mom and dad are going to miss you!). Before you jump into the deep end, let’s look at the TOP 5 mistakes first-time buyer’s make and LET’S AVOID THEM! 1. Are you spending too much?  Just because the bank says you can afford “X”, probably...Read More